Engineer Setup (New Profile Wizard)

  1. If ETAS is not running do any one of the following:
  • Double-click the etas icon icon on the windows desktop.
  • Click the Windows Start menu, then select All Programs -> ETAS -> ETAS.
  • Double-click an ETAS File.
  1. If this is a fresh installation the New Profile Wizard will start. Choose Engineer/Inspector then click Next.
If the New Profile Wizard does not start, see configure your settings manually.
  1. Enter your details and meter numbers then click Next.

    This information will be stamped in every certificate you create and will be recorded on reports generated.

  1. Enter your Contractor Code then click Next.

    This code is embedded in the certificate report number and identifies the entity that created it.

    If you have registered your contractor code on the website, enter it here. Otherwise, enter a dummy code e.g. "TEST".

  1. Confirm the data folder location, then click Finish.

    Your settings and any new certificates you create will be saved here.

The ETAS main window opens.

Now see: