Assigned Observation
Assigned Observations are either Manual Observations created by the inspector, or Unassigned Observations to which the inspector has supplied a diagnosis and severity.
Applies To
The board or circuit(s) where an observations was detected.
Files (e.g. JPEG images) embedded inside an ETAS File.
All the information gathered during an electrical inspection, stored in electronic format. Includes client/site details, assets (supplies, boards, circuits etc.), test results, and observations. An ETAS file.
The individual or organization that requested the inspection.
The individual or organization that dispatched an engineer to perform the inspection.
Contractor Code
A 6-character label that identifies the organization or individual that produced the certificate/ report. A registered Contractor Code and password are required to print full reports.
Description of the observation that appears on the report. Chosen by the inspector when assigning or creating an observation.
Draft Report
A PDF Report generated in the Windows temporary folder and opened automatically with with the default PDF viewer. Includes a certificate section but no circuit assessment sheets.
Engineer, Inspector
The individual or who performs the inspection.
Electrical Condition Report (ECR)
Previously known as a Periodic Inspection Report, an ECR is a formal method of recording the electrical condition of an existing installation against BS 7671 (“Requirements for Electrical Installations).
Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC)
Previously known as an Electrical Completion Certificate / Minor Works Certificate, an EIC is a formal method of recording the electrical condition of a new installation against BS 7671 (“Requirements for Electrical Installations).
The file format (file extension “ets”) that ETAS uses to save and load certificates.
Final Report
A PDF Report attached to a Signed Off Certificate. Includes a certificate section as well as circuit assessment sheets for all boards in the system.
Job Code
A 10-character label that identifies a specific inspection.
Manual Observation
Listed on the report. Added manually by the inspector based on visual inspection or otherwise.
PDF Report
A report file saved in Portable Document Format. Can be viewed on a computer screen or printed on paper.
Signed Off Certificate
An ETAS file with a PDF report attached and a read-only ‘snapshot’ of the actual certificate data used to generate that report. Choose “Final Report” in the Print wizard to generate a Signed Off Certificate.
The building or facility actually tested and covered by the certificate.
Suppressed Observation
The inspector has determined that an automatically generated observation is not relevant for the reason given.
A brief description of the condition that caused an auto observation to be generated.
Unassigned Observation
Generated automatically by ETAS when an irregularity is detected during diagnostics. All Unassigned Observations must be either suppressed or assigned before the certificate status switches to “Complete”.
Working Copy
A modifiable ETAS file that has not been signed off. Working copies can be created from scratch, or created from an existing Electrical Condition Report or Electrical Installation Certificate.