Buying Property in Tenerife

It might seem like it is difficult to buy property in Tenerife. Many people assume this is the case, but it can actually be an easy process if you do things right. Here is some advice for making your property investment in Tenerife a successful one.

Find A Good Real Estate Agent

The first step to buying your dream property is to find a reputable, experienced Tenerife estate agent or agency. Buying Tenerife property on your own is difficult. If you take the wrong advice from someone who is not in the know about things, you could end up making an expensive mistake. An agent can help you find many properties, some which are not even listed on property websites yet. They will listen to your needs and keep an eye out for properties that suit you. They can advise you of any areas to avoid or to focus on buying in.

Choose Your Property Carefully

Finding the right property will take time. If you can't find something right away, your agent will work with you to comb listings for the ones that are sure to please you. When you do find something to buy, check into every detail about the property. Make sure everything is in place so that your purchase gets completed safely and without hassles. Your agent will help make sure all documentation for the property is correct and up to date.

Follow the Purchase Process

These are some of the steps to take when purchasing property in Tenerife.
These steps include:

Choose the property carefully
Verify that the property is legal and that all taxes are paid 
Open up a Tenerife bank account in your name
Sign the Contrato de Arras or temporary contract
Provide your NIE number
Sign the purchase agreement before a Notary
Pay any taxes due 
Register the property in the buyer's name.


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