Preventing PBX Hacking Together
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We’re writing to make you aware that the telecoms industry has recently seen an increase in what’s known as PBX hacking. With that in mind, we’ve put together some information on what it is, and ways to prevent the threat, so that we can tackle this issue together.
What is PBX hacking?
PBX hacking is where fraudsters access a business’s unsecured telephone system (PBX), and then make a large number of high cost international or premium rate calls.
What happens when you’re hacked?
Hackers trawl the internet using specially designed scripts, looking for vulnerabilities in a VoIP users firewall, like an open port. Once a weakness is detected, the hackers will try to authenticate their access and gain control of a PBX system.
This is particularly easy if the system’s operator is still using the default password, or using a generic password which is easy to crack. Once the password has been cracked, they will gain control over the traffic which passes through the PBX system, making many high cost, international or premium rate calls for which your business will be liable.
How do I prevent this from happening?
There are a few simple and effective fraud prevention methods which will secure your PBX:
Contact your PBX supplier to ensure that your PBX has the latest software updates to prevent unauthorised access, and that your latest security settings are enabled with a robust password.
Only allow access to international and premium rate service (PRS) numbers for extensions that have a specific business need.
Bar access to your international operator during out-of-office hours, e.g. when your switchboard is put into night service.
Please ensure you follow the above points to protect yourself against a PBX hack.

Further info can also be accessed here, here and here.

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