5 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Tenerife

Tenerife is a historically rich and aesthetically beautiful island.  However, there are many facts that you might not know about this island that will amaze you.  These are some of the facts that could amaze you about this island.
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Tenerife Is The Largest Canary Island

The Canary Islands is an archipelago made up of 7 different islands.  Of these islands, Tenerife is the largest and is home to approximately 43% of the Canary Island’s inhabitants.  While the Canary Island archipelago has 7 islands there is a smaller archipelago close to the island of Lanzarote with another 5 islands.

Mount Teide Is A Very Tall Volcano

Many people believe that mount Teide is a mountain and it is considered to be the highest mountain in all of Spain.  However, this mountain is actually a volcano and is the third highest volcano in the world.  Mount Teide has only erupted 4 times in recorded history with the last being in 1909.  None of the eruptions of this volcano caused any casualties. 

Mount Teide

Mount Teide Was Almost The Site Of Mass Suicide

No-one likes to think about mass suicide, but in 1998 a German cult was considering it.  The 30 members of the cult were going to hike to the top of Mount Teide and commit suicide.  The reason for this is that the cult believed that there was a UFO which was waiting to transport their souls to a new world once they died.  Luckily, the Spanish police found out about the plan and were able to prevent the mass suicide.  

There Are Ancient Pyramids

When you think about pyramids you will generally think about Egypt.  However, the aboriginal people of the Canary Island, the Guanches, also built pyramids and prayed to a variety of gods, spirits and demons.  There are still some pyramids remaining and they are considered a popular tourist destination.  

There are 6 pyramids in Guimar close to Candeleria in a park that was originally set up by Thor Heyerdahl.  The park was set up with funding from Fred Olsen the shipping magnate.  

The Island Was Once Covered With Pine Trees

If the Spanish had not invaded Tenerife it would actually be completely covered in Pine trees.  However, when the Spanish landed on the island they started to cut down the trees to build ships for their naval fleet.  The deforestation of Pine trees was so excessive that the coverage never returned to its original state.

Pine Forest

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