Incredible Places You Should Visit on the Island of Tenerife

Every year the Canary Islands draw in almost 10 million visitors from foreign countries. Of those, about 5 million visitors head straight to the Canary Island of Tenerife. There are seven main islands that comprise the Canary Islands, with Tenerife being the biggest. It also has the highest population density, offering more to do.

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With a varying landscape from beautiful clean beaches and shoreline to raw mountains and volcanoes, plus many towns full of shops and restaurants dotting the coast, Tenerife has something to offer everyone. There’s no shortage of unique and intriguing places to visit.

Las Teresitas Beach in Tenerife

Tenerife’s waters are teeming with whales, allowing for some of the best whale watching anywhere. Whether you enjoy fishing, boating, or sea life photography, you can find it along the sun-soaked shores. 

For the adventurous, a trip to Teide National Park can’t be missed. Travel along the park’s extensive road system to experience the incredible forest landscape and the towering Teide Volcano. Along the base of the volcano, visitors can photograph the “rivers” of petrified lava.

There are many reasons why Tenerife is so popular among the millions of tourists who visit yearly.

For those fans of history and architecture, the quaint town of Garachico is a favorite stop. Stroll along the picturesque cobbled lanes and take pictures of the ornate historic churches, or visit the water pools along the coast which were created by volcanic rock.
If the lovely village aspect of Garachico wasn’t intriguing enough, you might be curious to learn about the town’s tragic past. Renown as the “unluckiest town on Tenerife”, its residents have weathered many personal storms. Not only did the town survive not one, but two plagues—the bubonic plague and swarms of locusts—but it has also been battered by floods and has fallen victim to the local erupting volcanoes. Despite all this tragedy, the citizens of Garachico have remained steadfast, with impressive fortitude, bouncing back every time.

The history of Tenerife is very interesting and dates all the way back to the original inhabitants called the Guanches.

When your daytime adventures are over, you can still hit the town, because Tenerife is alive with plenty of entertainment and nightlife. With hundreds of discos, bars, or clubs to lure visitors out for a night on the town, you won’t be bored in Tenerife. 

Teide National Park

For families traveling with their children, there are still ample activities if you’re looking for family-friendly things to do. Medieval Nights is a very popular attraction, one that you can comfortably bring the entire family to see. 
Between the pristine beaches, the rugged mountain and volcano terrain, the quaint towns and ample shopping, plus a myriad of nighttime hot spots to frequent, the island has a bevy of interesting places to visit. There’s always something for everyone in Tenerife.

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