Discover Your Inner Peace Beneath The Tenerife Stars

Stargazing is quite simple. All you need to do is stare up into the sky. You should be able to see the Milky Way’s arms and various constellations lighting up the night sky. But what takes place is way more complex than just that. It is the feeling that stargazing offers that overcomes most people. It’s like the world has stopped right on its axis and, all of a sudden, you are at peace. All your worries and fears disappear in the moment, and tranquillity sets in. The only word that can describe the feeling is magical. It is such moments that you cannot get from a photograph and Tenerife’s Mount Teide is one place where you can get to experience such magic. 

A Star of a Location

Altitude, clean air and good climate make the Island of Tenerife the perfect atmospheric location for stargazing. In fact, the excellent quality of Tenerife’s skies attracts both professional and amateur stargazers from all over the world and has even hosted several events, such as the Starmus Festival, to help the public understand and appreciate stargazing. The festival’s first edition was held in the month of June 2011 while the second was held in September 2014.

An Astronomical Observatory

Many people do not know that Tenerife is one of the few locations in the world with astronomy observatories that will have telescopes installed in the future. It is currently dedicated to studying the sun and is home to some of the best solar telescopes in the northern hemisphere. Observatory tours here are free and application forms are available on

There is a visitor’s centre at the Teide Observatory which was reclaimed from an abandoned empty dome and that is equipped for research work. Whether explaining the importance of astronomy, how telescopes work or what observatories are, the observatory offers highly informative and educational information to people of all ages. 

If you are looking to learn more about stars and stargazing, then you will be glad to know that there are several “star tourism” agencies available that specialise in offering guided stargazing tours. Such companies play crucial roles in organising activities and trails related to cosmic phenomena like spotting Perseid meteors or eclipses. 

Stars and Sunset -  An Out Of This World Experience

Get ready to partake in breathtaking and unique experiences at the Tenerife’s “Sunset and Stars” excursion. This experience will take you to a whole new level of understanding astronomy. 

Picture this: You over 12,000 feet high on Mt. Teide, a volcanic mountain in Tenerife and the highest peak in Spain. You are watching the sunset (one of the most beautiful scenes you will ever see) from Pico Viejo viewpoint while sipping a glass of chilled sparkling rose from Altos de Tevejos, Tenerife’s local winery, in your hand. 

While relaxing, you are being served a gourmet dinner that features Canarian dishes prepared by the world-renowned chef, Erlantz Gorostize, the only Chef on the Island with 2 Michelin Stars. Afterwards, you should be able to view the stars and go on an astronomical journey through the star-filled night sky with clouds right at your fingertips. With English-speaking guides helping you explore the night sky using long-range telescopes, you will see the night sky in a way you’ve never before. 

Free from bustling tourists and bright lights, “Sunset and Stars”, organized by Volcano Teide, offers you a chance to enjoy a spectacular astronomical adventure that will let you discover yourself under the stars.

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