Tenerife Blogs List


  Before we get down to listing our favourite Tenerife blogs, it's important to understand what a blog actually is. Watch this video for a brief overview of a blog.


Tenerife Forum

Tenerife Forum


The Tenerife Forum site is run by Peter and provides interesting information about Tenerife and the whole archipelago as well as several forum platforms where members can discuss, exchange, and share experiences of the island.


Klaudia's Corner



Klaudia was born and raised in good old Germany and has lived for over 15 years in the sunny south of Spain , the Canary Islands. She has a natural flare for providing incredible insight about life in Tenerife and knows how to tempt her readers with beautiful images and interesting information. The blog covers daily life and includes topics such as beauty, health, wellness, and lifestyle.


The Skipping Verger

the skipping verger


John gives us a very unique insight on the history of the island and is based in the North where the grass is definitely greener. He provides historical articles and stories for the interested reader about Tenerife and the Canary Islands, with detailed information about British travellers to the islands and their experiences over the centuries.


Carmen's Luxury Travel



Nicknamed the "Travel Channel", Carmen runs a refreshing blog which focuses on luxury and family travel with some excellent articles and images dedicated to Tenerife. Her blog has been awarded as one of the top 50 best luxury blogs and websites by Qosy and has amassed thousands of followers on social media through her dedication and authority in the field.


Paulina On The Road



Pauline was born and raised in Luxembourg where she developed the irrepressible wanderlust to seek out adventures in foreign lands. She has travelled extensively throughout Spain and decided to spend some of that time on the island of Tenerife for a few months before the urge to travel to somewhere new presents itself again. Her site is written in both English & Spanish and her articles document her travels, experiences, brushes with local cultures, and how life is wherever she may be.


Simple. Tasty. Good.



June has a passion for food and in her blog, she shares amazing recipes from around the globe, including some delicious local Canarian & Spanish dishes. Describing herself as a recipe developer, cook, photographer, food stylist, blogger, writer, editor and publisher, June's recipes are home made and use only local ingredients to make her dishes simply irresistible.


Tenerife Travel Secrets



Fábio and Ruth, the team that make up the Tenerife Travel Secrets blog, met through their common interest of travel, experiencing other cultures, and the thrill of discovering new places. The site offers very useful information about Tenerife and guides you to places you should visit and things to do to make your visit or stay on the island, a very memorable one. Their partnership gives you the best insight about those hidden places that many tourists never get to see or experience.



For many who are living in Tenerife and have a bit of spare time, a blog is a great way to document experiences of daily life on the island and it gives readers a unique perspective of life in Tenerife through your eyes.