Figure 1: Tagging Grammar of Cawdrey's Table
[Explanations are bolded.]
   <page.break>      page break              <l.b>  line break
   <xref>            cross-reference

Reference Tags
   <n     page number (1604 fac.)            <fo    foliation number
   <br    braces within text                 <hl    head letter
               x     = depth in lines    
   <tx    text type
               hl    head letter   
               hw    head word               title
               d     definition              epistle
               sig   foliation signature     introduction
               ct    catchword               conclusion
               rt    running title           table
               ref   x-ref out of hw or d
   <s     synonym,
               yes   beginning               no     ending
   <f     font
               r     roman                   bl     black-letter
               it    italic
   <l     language
               e     english                 l      latin
   (*     comment text