Features (Client/End-user)

Benefits include:

  • Simplicity. Each certificate produced is a single file containing all documents relevant to the inspection. Certificates can be emailed and archived electronically.

  • In addition to a printable PDF report, every certificate contains a read-only snapshot of the original inspection data.

    You can exploit this to:

    • Maintain an accurate history of an electrical installation from the point of initial energization. This is especially useful if you manage many electrical installations.
    • Reduce time and cost at retest. Export a copy of the previous inspection data with the results blanked out to save the inspector re-entering details of boards and circuits.
  • Hierarchy of boards and circuits displayed as a tree for easy navigation.

  • Intelligent circuit analysis and diagnostics.

  • Hundreds of preset observations with default category codes helping promote consistency, especially where more than one contractor/inspector is involved.

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