Common Tasks

Open a Certificate

Double-click a certificate to open it in ETAS

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The Certificate Window will open.


Browse Inspection Data

Open the certificate and click on the left tree to browse boards and circuits.


To view a list of all boards, click the |show all boards icon| icon.


View or Print the Attached PDF Report

Click the |view report icon| button on the toolbar in the Certificate Window.

Alternatively, right-click a signed-off certificate in the Main Window then choose “View Report”.


Email a Certificate

Drag and drop the certificate onto your email application.


Alternatively, right-click a certificate in the Main Window and select “Copy To” to save a copy to the Windows desktop. Attach this file to your email message.

Take a Working Copy

In the Vault folder under the Main Window left tree, right-click the certificate and select “Extract Working Copy”.

Extract a Working Copy

Order a Retest

In the Vault folder, right-click the certificate that you want to retest and select “Extract Site data For Retest”.

Retest an Installation

View or Extract File Attachments

To view an attachment, in the Certificate Window left tree click the root icon. Then double-click an attachment in the list to view it.


To extract an attachment, select it from the list then click the “Extract To” button.

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