Create a New Certificate

  1. From the “File” menu in the Main Window, click “New”.
  1. Under “Type of Report”, confirm that “Electrical Installation Condition Report” is selected.
  1. Fill in the Client Name and Site Name fields.

    If you have your own job numbering system, clear the “Generate Job Code Automatically” selected checkbox and enter the Job Number (maximum 10 characters).

  1. Click “OK”.

    A new window will open. Here you can confirm and edit the following:

    • Site name, address, contact information etc.
    • Client name, address, contact information etc.
    • Job Code
    • Report Type
    • Engineer
  1. Let us for now assume that you do not have the Client address but you do have the Site address. Click the “Edit…” link below the “Site” heading.


If, as an inspector, you do not have all the required information just leave it blank. It can be edited later by the contractor when they import the data.
  1. Fill in the details and click OK.

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