Reset a Circuit

As you can see from its icon in the screenshot below, phaseway 1L1-1L2-1L3 has been recorded as a 3-phase 4-wire circuit.

Imagine that this was an error and this phaseway should really be marked “Spare”.

Since 1L1 has already been assigned to a phaseway group, the “Topology” and the “Phaseway Group” drop-down lists are now grayed out and cannot be changed. We could manually remove the circuit from the phaseway group, but an easier way is to use the “Reset Circuit” command. This will remove the circuit from any phaseway group and reset all entered items on this circuit to “Todo”.

  1. In the left tree, hold down the Control key and click the circuits to select them, then right-click any one of the selected circuits and select “Reset Circuit”.
  1. Now that the fuseways have been reset, select each circuit and mark it as “Spare” on the “Specification” tab.

Disconnect a Circuit From its Phaseway Group

Resetting a circuit will clear all entered data (results, protective device etc) on that circuit. If you want just want to remove the circuit from its phaseway group while preserving this data, follow the procedure below.

  1. Select the circuit and on the “Specification” tab under “Other Fuseways” click “Select”.
  1. Remove the other fuseways by selecting the circuits that share the same phase way group in the bottom pane then clicking “Remove”.

    This will move the circuits back into the top pane “Available Circuits….”

  1. Now both the “Topology” and “Phaseway Group” are available to be changed and with “Other Fuseways” marked as “TODO”
  1. Choose the correct “Phaseway Group”.
  2. Now either copy and paste this circuit to the other fuseways, or change the “Phaseway Group” on the other fuseways so that all fuseway “Phaseway Groups” are the same.
  1. Now re-select “Other Fuseways” and highlighting both available circuits in the top pane, re-“Add” them into the bottom pane.
  1. Confirm that the “Phaseway Group” and “Other Fuseways” are correct.
  1. From the “Results” tab you can see that the “Phase/Neutral” and “Neutral/Earth” boxes are now greyed out with N/A entered automatically.

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