Attach Files

You can embed photographs, drawings etc. inside an ETAS file.

We have a situation where the software has picked an automatic observation relating to a MCCB or MCB not operating in the required time due to the level of earth loop impedance - (the software only calculates on tables in the regulations which are generic). You have obtained from the manufacturer, a data sheet, showing in fact, that the level of earth loop impedance is low enough to operate the device in the required time. Therefore “Suppress” the observation with the reason of having the data sheet showing compliance and attach the data sheet!, this will verify and prove the accuracy of the “Suppressed” observation.
  1. In the left tree click on the topmost icon, then under “File Attachments” click “Add”.
  1. Select a file and click “Open”.

Where you wish to view a photograph or a drawing, by clicking on “View” the software will open the appropriate programme automatically subject to availability of the relevant software. If your client or end user has a copy of this software and you will be exporting an “ETAS” file, you can attach other reports here, such as Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting reports which will enable the storage of all relevant electrical data in one place. If you are a Contractor/Inspector having your settings set to “Contractor”, skip the rest of this section and go to “Other features” below.

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