Export To Windows Desktop

If your settings are set to “Engineer”, we now need to export the ETAS file to the person who will be carrying out the review, signing off the report and sending the report or data set on to the Client/End user.

  1. If the certificate is open, close it.
  2. In the repository tree, right-click on ETAS File and select “Copy To”.
I would suggest you create a folder on your desktop named “Data To Go” and place it in here.
This is now ready to either, transfer by a memory stick or be e-mailed as an attachment.

Now that you have exported a finished copy, we now need to remove it from your “Workspace” and place it in your “Vault” (Engineer setting only!).

  1. In the left tree, while holding down the left button of your mouse, left-click select the file to be moved and drag it into your “Vault”. This is your backup copy.

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