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Steerpath Indoor Maps, positioning and navigation SDK.


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com.steerpath.sdk.common This package contains utilities used by the different functions of Steerpath.
com.steerpath.sdk.directions This is the core package for accessing Steerpath indoor directions.
com.steerpath.sdk.geofence Geofencing, aka area or zone based triggering, for the Steerpath platform. Steerpath Live is for location sharing and asset tracking.
com.steerpath.sdk.location This is the core package for accessing Steerpath positioning.
com.steerpath.sdk.maps Steerpath maps provides vector based indoor floor plans and outdoor maps.
com.steerpath.sdk.maps.defaults This package contains default map widgets.
com.steerpath.sdk.maps.model Building data model.
com.steerpath.sdk.meta This is the package for accessing Steerpath Web API.
com.steerpath.sdk.telemetry Telemetry Service
com.steerpath.sdk.utils Helpers and tools.