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nitetime productions logonitetime productions was originally set up in 1996 by a London based DJ named Sheridan. It released several 12" vinyl records featuring melodic trance music during the early nineties, such as the classic Trinity (ntp002), or the anthemic Complete Control (ntp003). These and others were heard on trance shows and dance floors across the UK and Europe. Despite good sales figures, the label was put on hold in 2000 due to unforeseen circumstances.

Regardless of this fact, the nitetime studio has continued to grow over the years in both size and quality and now hosts a sixty-four input Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing console... click here to see full details of the production equipment used at the nitetime studio. Music also continued to be produced, albeit at a reduced rate, and further musical and technical knowledge learnt.

In 2005, the nitetime productions website was designed in-house and went online for the first time. 2006 and 2007 have seen major site revamps, adding pages packed full of music production tips and sound engineers' knowledge and a Nord Modular G2 page for listening to, or downloading some incredible modular synthesis examples. This year, the improvements keep coming..


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SheridanSheridan began to DJ when he was around fifteen years old, first at home, then at parties, and then in clubs, both here and abroad. He started off listening to hip hop and electro back in the 80's when they were new genres. DJ'ing then meant 'cutting' and 'scratching' and having alias DJ names - his was DJ Nite. After this, he got into soul, house and a bit of reggae - those were the house party days. Next, it was acid-house and techno - huge dance parties.

After that, he had a phase of original hardcore, when samplers first allowed all kinds of crazy drums and sounds to be produced, which is what really started his clubbing life. After a life-changing trip to Ibiza, he found trance for composing, clubbing and playing out and hasn't looked back since. He also likes the originality heard in tech-house/progressive tracks and subtle aspects of this genre can be heard in his music.

After buying a drum machine and programming it to death in the 'house party' days, Sheridan started to become curious about music production. In 1990, he hired some basic production equipment for a weekend, but only managed to produce some glorified drum patterns, due to his total lack of knowledge about MIDI... it was a somewhat disappointing experience.

Undeterred, he re-hired the equipment for another (sleepless) weekend later that year, but this time managed produce a few song remixes using acapellas and his first dance tune. The next time was for a whole week and despite a severe lack of sleep, he produced five, dark dance tracks, four of which were released on Brutal records under the alias 'F.A.S.T.' (Future Analogue Sound Technology). He had found his true passion! And so began the lengthy process of acquiring and upgrading the equipment that has become today's nitetime studio and the exciting journey of discovering how to use it all.

In 1996, Sheridan setup the nitetime productions record label and continued to DJ, make music and build up the nitetime studio. He has constantly strived to gain further knowledge about sound and passed an Audio Engineering Diploma in 2001. Since then, Sheridan has learnt about mastering, modular synthesis and sound design for picture and has contributed sonic content to various television advertisements.

In 2005 he put his talents to web design and has to date, created several websites. After passing an MComp Masters degree in software engineering, he is now a full time senior sfotware developer at the Ministry of Sound in London. Of all his various interests, music composition and production are clearly the favourites and though he has less time for producing new music at present, you can be sure that...

"... there will always be more new music coming from me... guaranteed!"




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