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studio music

The music in this section was composed, mixed and mastered by Sheridan in the nitetime studio in London, England. To find out what audio equipment was used to make it, click here and to find out what each piece of equipment does, click here. Click here to find out general music production tips.

studio music  •  sunshine

audio sample length 3:41
Catalogue number ntp019 - © nitetime productions 2007

studio music  •  cascades

audio sample length 3:34
Catalogue number ntp018 - © nitetime productions 2006

studio music  •  starting over

audio sample length 4:01
catalogue number ntp017 - © nitetime productions 2006

studio music  •  glowing tubes

audio sample length 3:34
catalogue number ntp016 - © nitetime productions 2006

studio music  •  anaconda

audio sample length 4:03
catalogue number ntp015 - © nitetime productions 2006

studio music  •  steppin' up

audio sample length 3:45
catalogue number ntp014 - © nitetime productions 2005

studio music  •  e - l8

audio sample length 3:20
catalogue number ntp013 - © nitetime productions 2005

studio music  •  perseverance

audio sample length 3:39
catalogue number ntp012 - © nitetime productions 2005

studio music  •  armoured ripples (club mix)

audio sample length 3:54
catalogue number ntp011 - © nitetime productions 2005


nord modular g2 music

All of the music in this section was solely composed on and recorded from one of Clavia's Nord Modular G2 synthesisers. These .mp3 files are short and are provided simply as 'tasters'... links to full length .mp3s can be found for all of them on the Nord Modular G2 page. Also, if you have a G2, you can download the actual patches that make these tracks and others... click here to go there. No other sound sources or effects were added whatsoever... everything heard in this section came from just one machine.

nord modular g2 music  •  take a trance on me

audio sample length 1:52
© nitetime productions 2008

nord modular g2 music  •  aphotic adventure

audio sample length 1:44
© nitetime productions 2007

nord modular g2 music  •  effervescent

audio sample length 1:49
© nitetime productions 2007

nord modular g2 music  •  reinforced

audio sample length 1:37
© nitetime productions 2006

nord modular g2 music  •  enigma

audio sample length 1:42
© nitetime productions 2006

nord modular g2 music  •  trance by numbers

audio sample length 1:40
© nitetime productions 2006

nord modular g2 music  •  aceeeeeeeed

audio sample length 1:36
© nitetime productions 2006

nord modular g2 music  •  metamorphosis

audio sample length 1:17
© nitetime productions 2006


Want to hear some more nitetime productions music? There are four full tracks that can be heard on the Sheridan/nitetime productions page at™... click here to go there. There are also more tunes and G2 patches to be found on by searching for Sheridan... click here to go to's G2 section.


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