March 2007

Miscarriage Index

Towards the end of March 2007, I suffered a miscarriage. These are the blog posts I wrote at the time.

30th March 2007: Sound and Pictures: The Day of the Miscarriage
2nd April 2007: Trying to be Pragmatic
10th April 2007: 21 Reasons Why Miscarriage is a Bit Rubbish
19th April 2007: The State of My Head
23rd April 2007: Our Day Out - a day at the hospital (the aftermath)
24th April 2007: Reactions and Taboos
16th May 2007: About Loss
18th June 2007: Butterfly Soul
March to August 2007: Everything else - Daily Updates from the Beginning
December 2007 / April 2009: Later: Moving Forward (and some good news!)

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