The Blender Interface. Overview of the Blender interface. Understanding 3D view windows. Navigating in 3D space. Configuring user preferences. Selecting and Translating Objects. Selecting objects. Moving objects. Rotating objects. Scaling objects. Understanding transform orientation. Changing an object's origin. Selecting pivot points. Using Snap to move objects precisely.

Modeling. Mesh primitives. Selecting vertices, edges, and faces. Editing mesh objects. Proportional editing. Sculpt mode. Working with edges and edge loops. Extrusions. Smooth shading objects. Subdividing meshes. Advanced Modeling. Working with modifiers. Working with subdivision surfaces. Symmetrical modeling. Joining mesh objects. Stitching vertices. Vertex groups. Using the Outliner. Using layers. Creating groups.

Modeling. Base Mesh. Warrior. Torso. Arms. Legs. Feets. Hands.

Head. General Structure. Mouth. Nose. Eyes. Ears. Base Mesh Separation.

Sculpting. Torso and Arms. Pants. Boots. Hands. Head. Paraphernalia.

Retopology. Head. Torso and Arms. Hands. Pants and Boots. Paraphernalia.

Texturing. UV Unwrapping. Skin. Props. Weapons. Normal Maps. Skin. Props. Weapons. Ambient Occlusion Maps. Skin. Props. Weapons.

Color Maps. Skin. Props. Weapons. Unity Bumped Specular Shader.

Basic Animation. Timeline. KeyFrames. Outliner. F-Curves. Active and Automatic Keying. Graph Editor. DopeSheet. Action Editor Rigging Fundamentals. Armature Panels. Bone Panels.

Rigify. Base Rig. Add Bones to Base Rig. Control Rig. ORG, DEF, MCH and Control Bones. WGT Meshes. Skinning. Weight Paint. Weapons Rig. Add Bones to Control Rig.

Basic Actions. Idle. Walk. Run.

Exporting to Unity. Blender to Unity Workflow. Generic Animations. Rigging with Mixamo.. Blender to Mixamo Workflow. Auto-Rigging a 3D Model. Mixamo to Unity Workflow.