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Welcome to the second of the five e-learning courses package, designed for Kyrgyz teachers.
This course is aimed to introduce you to a general view of exelearning, a web-based authoring environment, thought by a community of educational institutions around the world, to assist teachers and trainers in the design, the development and the publishing of web-based learning and teaching materials.
The e-learning, is a revolutionary educational opportunity, that gives to you as a teacher and to your students, the possibility to share contents and interactions, but unfortunately, the power of this technology is constrained in educational settings, especially when the vast majority of teachers and trainers do not own the technical skills to build their own e-learning objects.
Exelearning means instead: 'EXtremely Easy' to use eLearning authoring tool and it's a free resource available to the educational community and designed to create and publish, open educational resources.
Using this software you will not need to become proficient in any coding like HTML or XML or other complicated web-publishing applications and you'll become able to produce your own e-learning materials.
This course will introduce you to the exelearning community and his activities. You will discuss and reflect about the potentials of a new exelearning community in Kyrgyzstan and you'll learn how and where to find online resources, help and other colleagues around the world that share your own interests.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0