Windows. Menus. File Structure. Creating Primitives. Transforms. Arranging GameObjects. Parenting. Importing Textures. Importing Meshes. Shaders. Creating Materials. Creating Prefabs.

Creating a Terrain. Populating the Terrain. Adding foliage.

Light types. Global illumination. Static versus dynamic objects, shadows, and lights. Lightmapping. Light probes. Reflection probes.

Creating script files. Variables. Conditional statements. Arrays. Loops. Functions. Events. Classes and object-oriented programming. Inheritance. Polymorphism. First Person Controller. Input Manager.

Colliders. Physics. Rigidbody. Cloth.

Audio sources and receivers. Audio mixer. Filters and reverb zones. Particle Systems. Particle Types.

Animation editor. Editor controls. The Curve editor. Importing animations. Configuring a character. Generic Animations. Humanoid Animations. Blender to Mixamo Workflow. Auto-Rigging a 3D Model. Mixamo Animation Overview. Mecanim Advanced Animation. Mixamo to Unity Workflow.

Animator controller. Animation states. Parameters. Conditions for transitions. Blend trees.

Finite State Machines. Mecanim Animation System. Animator controller. Animator window. States. Transitions Parameters. Conditions for transitions. Driving parameters via code. Behaviours. Sub-state machines.

Waypoints and NavMesh. Navigation Window.

Game Menus. Menu Manager Script. Main Menu. Settings Menu. Level Save and Load.