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Welcome to the last of the five e-learning courses package, designed for Kyrgyz teachers.

With this course you will get more knowledge of how to design and publish multimedia resources for your e-lerning packages. In particular, we will know how to design multimedia contents using open source solutions for personal computer and how to use mobile devices to make movies.

Some new competence will be related to special contents, as for example how to manage macromedia files, movies and animations.

We will introduce the value of the digital story telling for the e-learning processes and the meaning of an holistic approach for the e-learning environment, giving specific directions and information about mind mapping open source solutions. The unit assignments will drive you to become able to shoot short videos with mobile technologies, managing audio and lightings aspects and to implement these videos in your e-learning packages.

To create digital interactive presentations we will know solutions like Wink and we will work on linking and embedding procedures.

Finally, as an optional unit, we will have also the occasion to get some know how related to basics aspects of  accessibility standards.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0