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Welcome to the first of the five e-learning courses package, designed for Kyrgyz's teachers.
During October and November 2015, within the TVET TEACHER QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORK CONSULTANT mandate, funded by the Asian Development Bank, an advisory activity has been done to support the Kyrgyz national decision makers to implement ICT and e-learning solutions in IVET in Kyrgyzstan.
Part of the considerations and outputs of this process are here proposed in this first training course.
The current country situation about the existing national polices and regulations and the state of the art of the information and communication technologies implementation in the initial vocational education has been compared with the international trends.
With these premises, we believe that it's possible to achieve an immediate higher level of teacher ICT - Information and Communication Technologies - competences and to create a sort of Teacher's task force for ICT.
It's possible to envisage a long term teacher community policy, self sourced by your interest, as a teacher, to implement new teaching models and tools that will be presented with this serial five e-learning courses.
This is the first one. It will introduce you to contextualize and identify the suggested technical solutions supporting a ‘train the trainer’ cascade model, because you'll be able to transfer your knowledge to more colleagues.
In particular, with this first course, you'll become conscious and able to defend the advantages to introduce e-learning objects in IVET and distant learning methodology in general.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0