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Welcome to the fourth of the five e-learning courses package, designed for Kyrgyz teachers.

This course will drive you to create, step by step, an entire e-learning architecture, defining, designing and delivering your file suitable to be read on a computer or even on a smartphone. We will conduct an exercise driving any participant to deliver his first complete training package not yet provided with special media and animations that are instead demanded to the next final course.

Side to this very important result, this course introduces also the competence to export in various formats and in particular in the e-book 'epub' file standard. These are important options to know because allow us to distribute the e-learning package on memory drives with no need of Internet connection and server installations, nor any need to install eXelearning in the computer client used to read the learning package.

This competence it's overall very important because allow us to distribute our learning packages to learners that own their own smart phones. Today’s smart phones are more powerful than the first computers. The e-book files are conceived to be read using special dedicated devices, e-book readers, but simply installing on the smartphone one of the many app available for free, e-books are also simply readable within any smartphone. This solution is very well suitable for VET Kyrgyzstan situation, where personal computer are currently not available for all and where instead many learners own their own smartphones.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0